Helpful Questions To Ask The Seller Before Moving In

20 Mar

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Helpful questions to ask the Seller before moving in. Buying a new home is a very exciting time.  There are many things to do and to get done and many things to remember.  Sometimes you can hardly wait until the seller moves out so that you can have the house all to yourself.  But wait just a minute -I would be willing to bet that the seller has loads of information that could make your life a whole lot easier once the house is yours.  It is to your advantage to gather a list of important questions and talk to the seller if possible.

It is generally not considered appropriate for the buyer to just knock on the seller’s door or call them directly and start asking questions.  However, talk to your realtor about helping you get your questions answered before the seller has moved and is no longer available.

Here is a list of important questions that in all of the excitement you may not have thought to ask.

1. Do you have any information about the repair history of the house

2. Do you have any warranty paperwork and owners manuals for anything that is staying with the house

3. Do you have paint colors available so that they can be matched for touch ups etc.

4. Do you have the phone numbers for any contractors you have used for repairs and landscaping on the house.  You may want a contractor that is familiar with the house or perhaps you like the way the lawn looks and would like to keep the landscaping service

5. Where are the best restaurants, dry cleaners, daycare centers etc. located

6. Is there a neighborhood watch program and how do you get in touch with the organizer

7. Is there a Homeowners Association and where is the clubhouse – if applicable

8. What are the trash days and what are the requirements.  Is there a trash bag limit and what do you do with bulk items

9. What is the history of the house.  Things that are not disclosed on the disclosure form – such as an interesting story, the prior uses of the house, do they have a set maintenance schedule in place.  Is there anything that works but is a bit quirky when operating it.  This could save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs when you find out something works but is just a bit quirky

10. Don’t forget to leave the garage door openers

11. Where are the emergency cut offs, the breaker box and utility meters and any tools needed to use them.  What about that wrench that is needed to operate the fireplace – is it available

12. Don’t forget to ask about the sprinkler system, landscape lighting, septic tank, basement pumps, pool pumps, well pumps, hot tubs operating systems.  All of these items may be things you know how to operate or possibly not.  So it is best to ask.

Hopefully, these questions will help make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible.  Don’t forget to talk to your realtor, they may have additional questions that would be pertinent to ask about the home you are going to be moving into.  Your realtor is there to help you in any way they can so don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with something.  That is what they are there for.

About the Author: Millie Gil has been a successful Licensed Real Estate agent for over 25 years in Florida.  Millie is Vice President of Bold Real Estate Group, a boutique agency committed to concierge personalized service for discerning buyers, sellers and renters of residential and commercial properties.  For more information please forward your request to

Servicing:  Port St. Lucie, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Vero Beach,  Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce,  Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Palm Coast, Neptune Beach, Amelia Island, Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach, Saint Johns, Saint Augustine, Daytona Beach, Fleming Island and New York real estate.

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