Cascades Home Seller

13 Oct

Now that you have decided to sell your home and have retained us as your preferred real estate agency, there are a few tips and tricks that I would like to give you to help you sell your home more quickly and for more money.

Here are a few things you and I can do to enhance the look for your home and command higher offers:

1.       Clean, clean, clean – clean everything you can see and everything you can’t see

2.       De-clutter – you may not have “clutter” per se but the more personal effects you have out and about the harder it will be for a buyer to picture themselves living in your home

3.       Look up, down and all around – inside and out, fix what needs fixing and put fresh flowers or something similar in the front of your home for added curb appeal

4.       Add fresh flowers to your table(s) prior to showing your home

5.       Make sure your home is free of any and all odors – use air fresheners once you have removed the source of any offending odors

6.       Have a professional stager come by and offer suggestions for staging your home using the things you already have

7.       If possible remove all pets from your home when we are showing a prospective buyer – this will eliminate any pre-conceived issues if the buyer has any objections to pets being in the house

8.       Have a contractor come by and look at your home so you will have bids available and know exactly what each repair will cost

9.       If you have a repair that you know will be an issue – go ahead and get it fixed – once a buyer sees a flaw it will de-valuate your home in their mind and bring in a lower offer – so go ahead and take care of it BEFORE they see it

10.   We will have a professional photographer come by to video your home for a virtual tour and take pictures for your home presentation package

If you do these few small things you could almost double your chance of receiving higher offers and selling your home more quickly. You have a beautiful home so let’s show it off.

About the Author:  Millie Gil has been a successful Licensed Real Estate agent for over 25 years in Florida.  Millie is Vice President of Bold Real Estate Group, a boutique agency committed to concierge personalized service for discerning buyers, sellers and renters of residential and commercial properties.  For more information please forward your request to

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