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Just Listed 503 NW Serene Meadow Way, St Lucie West, Florida 34986

28 Oct

3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Den, 2 Car Garage Home ForSale

Offered at $254,900

Just Listed 503 NW Serene Meadow Way, St Lucie West, Florida 34986

CASCADES St Lucie West 55+ Community

Magnificent Chardonnay extended model with 3 full bedrooms, 2 bathrooms plus den.  Light and open with spectacular view of the preserve from the family room, spacious formal dining room and master bedroom , two walking closets, large bathroom.  Professionally decorated with crown moldings, neutral 18” ceramic tile in living areas except for carpet in bedrooms.  Nicely done kitchen with 42” cabinets, ceramic tile breakfast counter, separate breakfast area overlooking family room.  This lovely home offers plantation shutters throughout, generator, large screened lanai with custom made sundeck cover. Gas water heater, washer, dryer, natural gas range and interior heating, plenty of closet space, two car garage. The Cascades at St Lucie West is a premier resort lifestyle active 55+ community featuring Mediterranean-style architecture and beautifully manicured grounds.  The Cascades offers it’s own 9-hole golf course, 10 lighted Har-Tru Tennis Courts, a  26,000 sq.ft. Clubhouse, outdoor pool & spa, fitness center, sauna, multi-purpose ballroom, media room, library, and card and billiards rooms available to enjoy year round, yoga classes, tai-chi classes, water aerobics, bridge class, bocce, scrabble, games, computer class, music & performing arts club, art and crafts, ballroom dancing, theater, travel clubs, mah jongg, Canasta,  book club, poker club, weekly events, exterior maintenance, manned gated entry 24 hours, alarm monitoring all included in monthly rent. St Lucie West is the location of the New York Mets spring training program. The community is conveniently located, minutes away from theaters, houses of worship, great restaurants, movie theaters, post offices and hospitals.

About the Author:  Millie Gil has been a successful Licensed Real Estate agent for over 25 years in Florida.  Millie is Vice President of Bold Real Estate Group, a boutique agency committed to concierge personalized service for discerning buyers, sellers and renters of residential and commercial properties.  For more information please forward your request to or

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26 Oct

Q: What is the difference between private mortgage insurance (MI)

used with conventional loans and FHA?

A: Private MI is the private sector alternative to Federal Housing

Administration (FHA) mortgage insurance, which is a government

program backed by taxpayers. While both guaranty repayment to

banks if a buyer defaults on their loan, there are some important


• Private MI generally costs less for high FICO buyers.

• Private MI may typically be canceled sooner.

• Private MI is available on a wider variety of loan products.

Q: When should I suggest private MI over FHA?

A: If your borrower has a FICO score of 720 or higher with at least 3%

down, then private MI with Radian is the clear answer for them!

Borrowers with a FICO score of 680 or higher and at least 10%

down will also benefit from this.

Q: How much does MI cost?

A: That depends. Less MI is required with a 15% down payment than

with a 5% down payment. In addition, it depends on other factors

including the type of mortgage, the amount of coverage, and the

MI payment option..

Q: What are the ways to pay for MI?

A: The premium can be paid monthly, in a lump sum at closing or by

financing it into the loan amount.

Q: Do borrowers have to pay for MI for the entire term of the mortgage?

A: No. A federal law called the Homeowners Protection Act requires

that MI be canceled when a home builds up a certain amount

of equity. Homeowners can request cancellation of MI when the

balance on the mortgage reaches 80% of the home’s original value.

Otherwise when the mortgage balance reaches 78% of the home’s

original value MI must automatically be canceled by the lender as

long as payments are current.

Q: Are MI premiums tax deductible?

A: Yes. Under federal legislation, families with a household income of

$100,000 or less may be able to deduct the full premium cost of

MI, while families earning up to $109,000 can qualify for a reduced

deduction. Borrowers should consult their tax professional for more


Contact your Radian sales representative for more information today!


Kim Davis

The “Porikos” Team

Mortgage Loan Originator Assistant NMLS #272652     

Group One Mortgage NMLS #53185

900 E Indiantown Rd Suite 110

Jupiter, Fl 33477

561-745-6075  fax  561-747-8409


Realty Times – Ask the HOA Expert

26 Oct

Realty Times – Ask the HOA Expert.

Should you consider a lease with option to buy?

25 Oct

Should you consider a lease with option to buy?  For many individuals leasing a home with an option to purchase is an attractive way to purchase a home. Especially for those experiencing credit issues and who do not anticipate the situation to be cleared up for more than a year.

Sellers finding it difficult to sell their home are more willing to write a Lease to Purchase Contract. This way you can go ahead and move into your own home while mending any issues you have.

Typically, a portion of each month’s rent will go towards the purchase price of the house. The amount will depend on the terms of your contract. A good negotiator might even be able to get 50% of the rent to go towards the purchase price of the house. Keep in mind, in Lease to Purchase Contracts, the Seller will want money down on the home.

This gives them some assurance that you are a serious buyer. This money can also be used as a “Deposit” should you eventually decide against purchasing the house. It can cover damages that you and your family may have done to the property. These are all issues that should be addressed in your Lease to Purchase Contract.

There are certain properties that are more practicable for a Lease to Purchase Contract:

• Fixer-upper homes that need a few repairs
• Homes with little or no equity
• Homes that are For Sale by Owner

Buyers whom are more likely drawn to this type of sale:

• Buyers with damaged credit
• Buyers going through a divorce
• Buyers who don’t have much cash set aside for a healthy down payment
• Buyers who are self-employed

Sellers should keep in mind, if your home has been on the market for a considerable amount of time, you may want to consider a Lease to Purchase option. This option expands your market of homebuyers.

If you’re concerned about the terms of the contract and whether you will get your money keep in mind, you can negotiate the terms in your contract. If you’re looking for cash flow, then ask for a sizeable down payment. Often a buyer has cash to spend but their credit is flawed. Stipulate in your contract what portion of the down payment will go directly to the seller should the buyer default on the contract.

Another item to consider in most Lease to Purchase Contracts, the property is returned to the Seller if the Buyer defaults in any way. You would be able to get your house back and resell it.

For both home buyers and sellers, Lease with Option to Buy can be an attractive proposal.

About the Author:  Millie Gil has been a successful Licensed Real Estate agent for over 25 years in Florida.  Millie is Vice President of Bold Real Estate Group, a boutique agency committed to concierge personalized service for discerning buyers, sellers and renters of residential and commercial properties.  For more information please forward your request to

View thousands of new and resale homes:,, a Golf Style Private Community,  a 55+ Resort Lifestyle Community,

Buying a Budget Home by Bold Real Estate Group

25 Oct

Buying a Budget Home By Bold Real Estate Group.  When it comes to real estate, it’s really hard to beat an inexpensive home.  You may call it inexpensive while others refer to it as a cheap home – but they are very affordable and ideal for those on a budget.

These bare-bone types of homes represent a way to purchase property at a low price, build it up, and have instant equity.  Making money with real estate is easy to do – no matter how you look at it.

Although you can find cheap homes throughout your state, some will obviously be better than others.  Some are in great neighborhoods, giving you plenty to see and plenty to do all around you.  On the other hand, most towns that offer the cheapest homes normally have a bad situation when it comes to the job market.  They can be great to retire to or settle down in if you own a business, although they aren’t great if you need a job.  Internet marketers and writers are finding these areas, and are flocking to them at a very fast pace.

The Best Way to Purchase Low

You can save quite a bit of money by buying a home that is practically unfinished, but still fits your needs.  What this means, is buying a home in the inexpensive areas of your town, or buying a home that has not been completed yet.  You shouldn’t be focused on one type of home or neighborhood, but instead look at your available options and compare prices.

Many builders have gone out of business, leaving plenty of unfinished properties. Let your real estate agent investigate how to purchase these almost finished properties. You’ll save a bundle and can have the home completed within months.

Keep in mind that buying cheap homes doesn’t necessarily mean buying a rundown place or buying your home in a bad part of town.  You can get a cheap home in a great neighborhood, if you weigh your options accordingly.  If you shop around and look at different areas, you might find yourself very surprised at just how many homes are available at cheap prices.

In some cases, you can end up paying the full price of a home and still end up spending less than someone else might spend.  Although price has an impact, financing is also an area that can help to make a home more affordable.  If you get a low interest rate, you’ll save a lot of money when you buy the home.  There are several ways that you can save money through your finance options, which is why you should always research what’s available to you before you buy.

Contact a real estate agent and provide a list of what you’re looking for and how you want to save money. Finally, keep your options open because now is the best possible time to negotiate.

About the Author:  Millie Gil has been a successful Licensed Real Estate agent for over 25 years in Florida.  Millie is Vice President of Bold Real Estate Group, a boutique agency committed to concierge personalized service for discerning buyers, sellers and renters of residential and commercial properties.  For more information please forward your request to

View thousands of new and resale homes:,, a Golf Style Private Community,  a 55+ Resort Lifestyle Community,

Bid Farewell To Low Costs Mortgages?

25 Oct

Bid Farewell To Low Costs Mortgages?  For years the government guaranteed home loans giving potential homebuyers the push they needed to get into a new home. Now we take a step backwards because it’s beginning to get a lot more difficult.

Everyone agrees that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac must go. The aim right now is to shrink government-backed loans until they’re relatively scarce. The government has already reduced the loan limits, on a sliding scale nationwide. The current loan limits are $729,750 but will soon top out at $625,500.

So what does this really mean for homebuyers? The most significant change will be the impact on FHA homebuyers.
• Stricter home buying standards
• Higher interest rates
• Higher down payments
• Most potential buyers who once qualified for a FHA loan will be shut out

The largest pool of home mortgages went to FHA-qualified borrowers, who were only required to place three percent down. Without government backing, it’s likely everyone will need a minimum of five to ten percent down. And while the Federal Housing Administration will still be around, guidelines for borrowers will be moving more in line with the private sector.

As everyone has seen, it’s become challenging to acquire a loan because lenders are unwilling to bear the risk. For them to take on more risk, their requirements will change.

The current FHA loan requirements include;
• Two Years of steady employment, preferably with same employer.
• Last two years income should be the same or increasing.
• Credit report should typically have less than two thirty day late payments in last two years with a minimum credit score of 675 or higher.
• Bankruptcies must be at least two years old, with perfect credit since discharge.
• Foreclosures must be at least three years old, with perfect credit since.
• Your new mortgage payment should be approximately 30% of your gross (before taxes) income.

These are some of the most basic of FHA loan requirements. However, the upcoming changes will also affect home buyer’s closing costs. Lenders will undoubtedly ask to charge higher fees to accommodate more risk.

Right now, many fees in connection with a mortgage loan are regulated by the FHA, however, if more loans are backed privately, lender’s will argue that these fees must increase.

The fees that will probably increase include;

• Loan Origination: This fee is usually known as a loan origination fee but sometimes is called a “point” or “points.” It covers the lender’s administrative costs in processing the loan. FHA regulates this fee to a maximum of 1% of the loan amount. Often this is expressed as a percentage of the loan. Generally, the buyer pays the fee, unless otherwise negotiated.

• Credit Report Fee: This fee covers the cost of a credit report, which shows your credit history. The lender uses the information in a credit report to help decide whether or not to approve your loan and how much money to lend you. Typically $50 – $100

• Mortgage Broker Fee: Fees paid to mortgage brokers

• Underwriting Fee: Fee charged by investor for underwriting the submitted loan file and all of its paperwork.

Bottom line – do your homework and seek out the advice of your realtor for financing recommendations.

If you are considering buying or selling property, planning to relocate, looking for Vero Beach homes for sale, or looking for any other information about real estate in Vero Beach, or the surrounding areas, you have come to the right place. This complete Vero Beach real estate resource offers everything you will need: access to property listings with photographs and virtual tours, home valuation tools, and real estate articles to help guide you through the home buying or selling process.  Bold Real Estate Group can assist you with buying, selling or renting a home, find information about Vero Beach communities , schools, real estate market conditions, recreation and much more!

About the Author:  Millie Gil has been a successful Licensed Real Estate agent for over 25 years in Florida.  Millie is Vice President of Bold Real Estate Group, a boutique agency committed to concierge personalized service for discerning buyers, sellers and renters of residential and commercial properties.  For more information please forward your request to

View thousands of new and resale homes:,, a Golf Style Private Community,  a 55+ Resort Lifestyle Community,

Your Place In The Florida Sun!

25 Oct

Your Place In The Florida Sun!

Best places to retire in Florida by Bold Real Estate Group.  To coincide with the launch of a new home guide to the exciting Florida property market, we’ve picked out the best deals that are typical of the projects in which overseas investors are buying.

Bleu Claire :: Longboat Key, Florida :: View Details
Nestled along the pristine coastline of Longboat Key is a new level of exclusivity to define beachfront living, the taste of luxury, the reward for a lifetime of accomplishment: Your inspiration. Your dream. Your Bleu Claire. Designed to evoke the feeling of a retreat from the everyday, Bleu Claire on Longboat Key is inspired by the villas of the French Riviera. The community’s understated elegance reflects the beauty of its natural surroundings and the enchanting views of the Gulf of Mexico.
Bonita Bay Highrises :: Naples, Florida :: View Details
Three waterfront parks; 12 miles of biking and walking paths; 90 holes of golf; private beach park on the Gulf of Mexico; tennis and swim center; fitness center; marina club with storage for more than 400 boats, fuel and service, a ship’s store and restaurant; wine club; Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary for demonstrated excellence in environmental planning, wildlife-habitat management, resource conservation, waste management, and outreach and education. Four additional high-rises are in development.
Florida Lifestyle Homes :: Fort Myers, Florida :: View Details
Florida Lifestyle Homes can provide one-stop shopping for your custom home in the most prestigious areas of Southwest Florida. We have used our financial strength and experience to inventory a substantial portfolio of spectacular home sites in Lee County’s luxury home communities of Cape Harbour, Renaissance, Verandah, as well as, Collier County in Quail West, a Ginn Club community. If you are already an owner of a home site or if you have a home site in mind that is not in our inventory, we would be happy to build your dream home where ever you choose. We are proud to have been selected as a preferred builder in the most exclusive waterfront and golfing communities in Southwest Florida.
Hampton Park at Gateway :: Fort Myers, Florida :: View Details
Hampton Park at Gateway is now taking reservations. Hampton Park at Gateway will be offering a wide selection of single-family homes to suit your lifestyle.
Heron Bay :: Coral Springs, Florida :: View Details
Heron Bay features two community clubhouses, resort-style pools, fitness centers, children’s playgrounds, a kids’ spray park, tennis, event rooms, spa rooms, and walking & biking trails.
John Cannon Homes :: Sarasota, Florida :: View Details
John Cannon Homes was founded in 1987, but the vision for the company began many years before. John Cannon graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in building construction and first came to Sarasota, Florida in 1979 to work for a national builder. The job soon expanded to cover the builder’s Sarasota, Bradenton, Naples, and West Palm Beach properties.
Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa :: Orlando, FLorida :: View Details
The award-winning Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa is a wholly owned Orlando, Florida condo hotel development offering all the facilities and amenities of a world class resort. Superbly located just over a mile from Disney World,and close to Universal Studios and SeaWorld, the Resort featues convenient access to shopping, dining, aquatic center, fitness center and signature health spa. The Resort is a government approved Regional Center under the U.S. EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program whereby foreign investors may obtain expedited, permanent U.S. Residency and Green Cards with optional citizenship.
Lely Resort :: Naples, Florida :: View Details
A close-to-everything Naples location, three championship golf courses and a cosmopolitan atmosphere amid lush natural surroundings has made Lely Resort one of the most sought after addresses in Naples. Lely Resort offers 13 spectacular unique neighborhoods.
London Bay Homes, Inc. :: Naples , Florida :: View Details
When you think about choosing a builder today, one of the most important considerations is trust. At London Bay Homes, trust is an attribute that is deeply engrained in our company culture. For nearly two decades we have been satisfying our clients with exceptional design expertise, customer-friendly processes, consistent and timely communication, superior construction quality and dependable warranty service. These are some of the reasons that more than 90% of our clients will refer us to their friends, and they are also the factors that helped us earn the America’s Best Builder award in 2008. When you select London Bay as your builder, you get a team of creative and experienced architects and design professionals who will help you create a home that reflects your personality and aspirations. We are also very skilled at working with outside architectural firms. In both instances, we believe that this experience should be enjoyable and stress-free, and our design process delivers on that belief. Veteran construction supervisors will ensure your home is built to our exacting specifications and they will keep you informed every step of the way. And you will come to appreciate our warranty staff that provides the care and service you expect.
Manchester Square :: Naples, Florida :: View Details
Ideally located in the heart of North Naples and offering a selection of two- to five-bedroom home designs suited to every lifestyle, Manchester Square is the perfect address for casual, carefree living.
Mediterra :: Naples, Florida :: View Details
Mediterra captures the authentic rustic styles of the Italian countryside and the Mediterranean region of Europe with intimate neighborhoods connected by miles of walking and biking paths. Lucarno, a community within London Bay’s Village Collection, is located in Naples’ exclusive Mediterra community. Each of Lucaro’s 71 home sites are located on one of the villages many lakes. Lucarno features six distinctive floor plans and architecture that captures the aura of the Italian countryside. The community’s cobblestone streets are accented with lush and colorful landscaping while the maintenence-free homes deliver the promise of a relaxing lifestyle. One of the last and most scenic enclaves that remains within the lush and exclusive Mediterra community in Naples is Cortile. This secluded and picturesque community is accentuated by architecture reflective of the rustic styles of the Spanish countryside and Mediterranean region of Europe. Cortile offers 46 home sites and provides an expansive home selection from which to chose including both London Bay’s Estate Homes and Village Collection series.
Ovation :: St. Petersburg, Florida :: View Details
Welcome home. Welcome to Ovation-an intimate collection of 45 luxurious residences overlooking the scenic downtown waterfront and marina of “one of America’s most livable cities.” Where life is orchestrated to your every desire, beauty is in the details, and your new home is a perfect reflection of you. Ovation represents a unique collaboration between buyer and builder in which each homeowner is given the freedom to create the ultimate urban home. Starting with a flexible, estate-sized floor plan, the renowned JMC Ovation team welcomes you into a collaborative construction and design process that results in exactly the home-and lifestyle-you desire.
Paseo :: Fort Myers, Florida :: View Details
Paseo. The way to say “journey”. Our way of saying a wonderful place to live. Stock Development presents an exciting new Ft. Myers community designed with a blend of inspired residences, all a stroll away from the Paseo Village Center. With plenty of places and spaces for family and friends to meet and celebrate life. Priced to move you!
Pelican Preserve :: Fort Myers, Florida :: View Details
Pelican Preserve is Southwest Florida’s most vibrant 55-and-better destination. This award-winning community boasts a 70,000-square-foot Town Center, a Golf Club, 27 holes of golf and a full calendar of social, recreational and cultural activities.
Perrone Construction :: Sarasota, Florida :: View Details
As Sarasota’s premier builder of luxury waterfront residences since 1980, Perrone Construction’s reputation for unparalleled excellence is widely acknowledged throughout the community. Our dedication to quality and our commitment to our client remain as strong today as ever. Repeat clients and referrals from former clients account for a good deal of our business, and to our company, this is the highest compliment that we could receive.
The Founders Club :: Sarasota, Florida :: View Details
The Founders Club is a community of unparalleled beauty that today, would be difficult to replicate. The winding entry of The Founders Club meanders peacefully through 700 acres of picturesque lakes, gently swaying stands of pines, palms and moss-covered oaks. Residents enjoy the quiet and serenity of a place that’s removed from the hustle and bustle, yet convenient to the dining, entertainment, and culture that makes Sarasota such a renowned and invigorating community. Set within the lush, landscape of our community, the 18-hole, Robert Trent Jones Jr. signature golf course honors the native Florida landscape and engages golfers of all skill levels. Life here is a rich blend of the heritage and elegance of a storied private club, with abundant opportunities for a healthy and activity packed lifestyle. The Club’s fitness center, special events, and elegant or casual dining experiences are all great ways to enjoy the company of friends. And in the heart of it all stands our richly appointed 24,000 square foot traditional Golf Hall. Our Golf Hall offers a true sense of community with a fine dining room, bar and grille, private dining room, and outdoor verandah overlooking the 18th green.
Tiburon :: Naples, Florida :: View Details
Home of the Ritz-Carlton® Golf Resort, Tiburón features 36 holes of Greg Norman-designed championship golf, resort-style conveniences and a superb location surrounded by Naples’ best beaches, shopping and dining.
Tidewater Preserve :: Bradenton, Florida :: View Details
On the shores of the Manatee River, Tidewater Preserve is a dynamic waterfront community with exceptional amenities including the Port & Court Club, tennis complex, canoe/kayak launch and riverfront walk.
Venetian Golf & River Club :: North Venice, Florida :: View Details
Venetian Golf & River Club provides artfully designed living sculpted around championship golf and a 70-acre Nature Park. The community’s two social hubs, The River Club and The Golf Club, offer a spectacular mix of activities and events.
WCI Communities :: Bonita Springs, Florida :: View Details
WCI sets the standard for building exceptional communities, creating amenities that challenge and exhilarate, while upholding our unwavering commitment to the places we call home. WCI has developed master-planned communities where today there are over 150,000 residents who enjoy amenity-rich lifestyles. WCI is fully committed to maintain and enhance this trust and will demand the highest quality construction and customer service to ensure The Experience Is Everything® for our valued customers.
Westshore Yacht Club :: Tampa, Florida :: View Details
Westshore Yacht Club is now taking reservations. Westshore Yacht Club will be offering a wide selection of single-family homes to suit your lifestyle.
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