Golf Course Living

29 Aug

Golf Course Living.   Wow! Imagine how great living on a Golf Course can be?

If you’re a lover of golf then waking up to walk to the course or simply strolling along watching others play can be pure heaven – or is it?

The Pro’s of Golf Course Homes

Well – Golf Course Homes are very nice because of the view, privacy and the open space behind your home. Looking out at a slowly undulating golf course fairway with trees and grass is very relaxing and stress relieving.  It is like having a park outside your back door!

When your backyard opens out onto an even larger expanse of green grass that someone else takes care of – it can be fantastic!  (even if you do not play golf!)

It means that you do not have any close backyard neighbors looking into your backyard or peering down from their windows into your personal, private space.  Usually you only have neighbors on each side of your house or perhaps across one corner if you live near a green.

The closest neighbors in back are usually across the fairway.  How far away they are will depend on how wide the fairways on that course or golf hole are.

If you like to play golf and belong to the course that you live on it is even better because you don’t have to drive to the course.  Check the community regulations on whether you can have your own golf cart, or if you can just walk the course and pull or carry your bag.  Figure out the total cost per month based on how many times a month you will be playing and the monthly fees and cart charges.

Many communities are very family oriented and most of the children that live there can start learning to play at a very young age, and can play after school!

But living on a golf course does have it’s disadvantages —

The Disadvantages of Golf Course Homes

Your house may be hit by golf balls!  Yes, this does happen and depending on how narrow the fairways are and the placement of your house along the course it may happen really often.  Home owners insurance may or may not pay for damage to your home from golf balls hitting it.

Windows can be broken, house siding can be hit & pitted, screen porches torn & furniture damaged.

Probably the most difficult thing to fix is the divots in the stucco siding of a home from golf balls hitting it. Many people discover numerous pock marks in their siding from the golf ball impacts.  And they must be filled and painted before the home can be sold.

Noise from Golf Course Maintenance!   Do not expect to sleep in on the weekends!  The guys come around between 7AM & 8AM to cut the grass, groom the bunkers and change the pin locations.  Sometimes they even come around before it is light out and the new equipment has headlights that can shine directly in your bedroom windows facing the back of the house and golf course.

Animals – having more nature in your backyard means more animals and creatures.  Any golf course ponds naturally attract frogs, toads, birds, snakes, etc.  These can be tremendously fun to watch, but you have to be wary of what may be in your yard and fences will not keep everything out.  The animals in ponds can also be incredibly noisy at various times of the year.

Spraying – Golf Courses have to fertilize, and control weeds.  The overspray can reach easily into your yard and impact your plants.  Be careful what you plant along the back edge that adjoins the area maintained by the golf course.  The weed killer that they spray can cause bushes to turn totally brown and lose their leaves.

The thought of Golf Course Living is a dream but in reality it could drive you up a wall if you’re not prepared for everything that comes with this luxury lifestyle.

About the Author: Millie Gil has been a successful Licensed Real Estate agent for over 25 years in Florida.  Millie is Vice President of Bold Real Estate Group, a boutique agency committed to concierge personalized service for discerning buyers, sellers and renters of residential and commercial properties.  For more information please forward your request to

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